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Why I’ll Never Use iTunes Again!

Wondershare reviewEven with continuous updates and more features added, many are still dissatisfied with iTunes as to how it doesn’t live up to many expectations, not helped by what they feel is a “needlessly” complicated process of just putting music into a mobile device. Being a musician herself, Zoe knows how it feels that it can be quite a hassle to be able to listen to her own work while going through the issues that still plague iTunes today.

I used to like iTunes for what it is, but as time went on, I kind of got really annoyed with it. I have a friend, who’s an Android user, tends to feel a bit bummed whenever he sees me managing music on iTunes.

Why not iTunes?

One of her biggest gripes to many is that iTunes is compatible with Apple iPhones only, which can be problematic for those who don’t own an iPhone, and don’t ever plan on getting one.  Another thing that Zoe noted is that it’s extremely hard to share music with others.

It’s not as bad at first, but when you have friends who, say, live halfway across the world and you wanna pass along a song you heard, and suddenly I’m having problems just sending music to my own friends. Dunno about you, but I think iTunes doesn’t seem to like sharing.”

Many would believe that iTunes is hitting the proverbial ceiling, and it’s struggling to maintain consumer interest. Fortunately, Zoe is part of a growing crowd of people who have turned away from it, moving onto what they believe is the best replacement for iTunes – Wondershare.

But, why Wondershare TunesGo?

Wondershare TunesGo, or simply just Wondershare, is a program that aims to do what iTunes can’t, which provides a better music management tool for both iOS and Android, which has helped both camps to share and manage their music much easier. Wondershare reviews have been greatly positive, praising its improved functionality over iTunes. Other reviews also praised it for its compatibility, allowing Android and iPhone users to take full advantage of the program’s features.

Since discovering Wondershare, Zoe has been using the app for a long time.

As an iPhone user, I am really happy that I found Wondershare!  And I hope more will do the same.

Hidden Pressures Within The Music Industry


A popular musician once said, and I quote “the looks of a person be it good-looking or bad-looking determines the size of their troops.” This quote essentially attempts to measure the quantity of attention a person draws to themselves as a result of their attractive or unattractive looks.

As a girl, I grew up in a family of 4, three boys and one girl, all of whom were very passionate about music I saw the world be an interwoven arsenal of inspiration filled with love and melody. Whenever I felt sad, I immediately ran off to a small abandoned house a couple of blocks away. There, I usually found the silence and comfort I needed to take out my sorrow with a beautiful breeze of fresh air which immediately drove me into a rage of anxiety that got me singing.

While bracing for the music industry, I hardly imagined that I was unstoppable with such a great talent. Friends and family encouraged me, and I was able to impress the small crowds around me. As time passed, I sang in small occasions and finally got the attention of music producer.

I never thought I would find other gals in the industry struggling like me until I read the reviews on http://tryskinnypills.com.  It was then I learned there is more to a music career than my musical abilities. I saw gals in the industry turning to weight loss pills and I knew weight would be a factor on my journey.

It reminds of Christina when she was called a “fat girl!”! Those comments thrust upon her made a lasting impression on me.

Within in the few months after the release of my first single, I saw considerable progress, and this led me to even bigger producers. My music career was gaining grounds, and I was feeling positive too.

Three years passed, and I had made real progress in my music career, but of course, things began to slow down, and they did at a rapid rate. My voice and talent had not diminished, but my look had become a limiting factor to my business. I had gained so much weight and being a getting-ready-for-a-showlady; I lost interest in the site of my producers.

I had to lose weight to get back in the game. I signed up for a professional gym, and after three months of tedious exercise making, I still did not get to loss a significant amount of pounds. I confided in a specialist who advised and encouraged me on diets and weight loss pills.

At first, I was a bit cynical and unsure if they would work for me, but I chose to give it a try nevertheless. I had only been taking these weight loss pills for a couple of weeks when I started noticing significant weight loss. I had lost 7 pounds in two weeks. This was quite a good sign for me. I continued the therapy, and by the end of 3 months, I was fully back in shape.