Hidden Pressures Within The Music Industry


A popular musician once said, and I quote “the looks of a person be it good-looking or bad-looking determines the size of their troops.” This quote essentially attempts to measure the quantity of attention a person draws to themselves as a result of their attractive or unattractive looks.

As a girl, I grew up in a family of 4, three boys and one girl, all of whom were very passionate about music I saw the world be an interwoven arsenal of inspiration filled with love and melody. Whenever I felt sad, I immediately ran off to a small abandoned house a couple of blocks away. There, I usually found the silence and comfort I needed to take out my sorrow with a beautiful breeze of fresh air which immediately drove me into a rage of anxiety that got me singing.

While bracing for the music industry, I hardly imagined that I was unstoppable with such a great talent. Friends and family encouraged me, and I was able to impress the small crowds around me. As time passed, I sang in small occasions and finally got the attention of music producer.

I never thought I would find other gals in the industry struggling like me until I read the reviews on http://tryskinnypills.com.  It was then I learned there is more to a music career than my musical abilities. I saw gals in the industry turning to weight loss pills and I knew weight would be a factor on my journey.

It reminds of Christina when she was called a “fat girl!”! Those comments thrust upon her made a lasting impression on me.

Within in the few months after the release of my first single, I saw considerable progress, and this led me to even bigger producers. My music career was gaining grounds, and I was feeling positive too.

Three years passed, and I had made real progress in my music career, but of course, things began to slow down, and they did at a rapid rate. My voice and talent had not diminished, but my look had become a limiting factor to my business. I had gained so much weight and being a getting-ready-for-a-showlady; I lost interest in the site of my producers.

I had to lose weight to get back in the game. I signed up for a professional gym, and after three months of tedious exercise making, I still did not get to loss a significant amount of pounds. I confided in a specialist who advised and encouraged me on diets and weight loss pills.

At first, I was a bit cynical and unsure if they would work for me, but I chose to give it a try nevertheless. I had only been taking these weight loss pills for a couple of weeks when I started noticing significant weight loss. I had lost 7 pounds in two weeks. This was quite a good sign for me. I continued the therapy, and by the end of 3 months, I was fully back in shape.